Protecting your copyright

There are several good reasons to register your works with Copibec:

  • Registering means that your works can be identified more easily.
  • Registering ensures that compliance with copying licences can be monitored more effectively.
  • Registering increases the speed and frequency of royalty (licence fee) payments.
  • Registering makes it possible to obtain information on the use of your works.
  • Registering facilitates collective bargaining.

Authors and writers who register with Copibec are asked provide all the bibliographic data concerning their books as well as the name and publication dates of any periodicals or newspapers to which they have contributed as freelancers.

Once you have completed your registration, be sure to keep your file up to date by adding any new publications.

Types of works that can be registered

You can register the following types of works with Copibec:

  • Books
  • CD liner notes
  • CD-ROMs
  • Dramatic works (plays)
  • Microfiches
  • Newspapers
  • Periodicals (magazines)
  • Sheet music collections

Registering a work does not mean that it is automatically added to Copibec’s repertoire.

Only the copyright owner (author or publisher, as applicable) can give Copibec the authority to manage the reproduction rights for a work and finalize its registration.

Authors can give Copibec authority to manage their rights in the following cases:

  • They self-published their works.
  • They have not assigned their reproduction rights to a publisher or another collective licensing agency.
  • Their rights have reverted to them (been reassigned from the publisher).


Several times a year, registered authors receive royalty (licence fee) payments from Copibec for the reproduction of their works. (If the author is deceased, the estate is paid.)

Each payment includes a detailed statement that indicates the number of copies reported per work or the results of surveys of user groups. In general, the payments made by Copibec are based on actual copying done.

The share of royalties that authors and publishers are entitled to is remitted directly to them by Copibec. Each year, approximately 12,000 cheques are issued to thousands of rightsholders.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!