DONA - Accessible digital documents

With DONA, quickly get a digital copy of the content you’re using for your students with perceptual disabilities.

What is DONA?

DONA can provide you with accessible digital documents. These are PDF documents without technological protection measures (TPMs) in a format compatible with technology tools that provide valuable features such as reading, writing and proofreading support for students with perceptual disabilities.

Who can benefit from DONA?

Schools, school boards, colleges, CEGEPs and universities can request an accessible digital document for a student with a perceptual disability (e.g. sensory, physical or neurological) based on the analysis and action plan developed for that student.

Get an accessible digital document with DONA

Complete the DONA form below to request PDF documents. Fees will be payable.

At the current time, only titles published in Quebec can be obtained via DONA.

Refer to the list of titles that are available through DONA. Since the list is not exhaustive, please use the form below to request titles that do not appear on it.

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