Adel inc. online plays

Find a wide range of French-language plays on Adel inc. (Auteurs dramatiques en ligne), the online bookstore of the Association québécoise des auteurs dramatiques.

The Adel inc. online bookstore gives you access to French-language dramatic works from Quebec and the rest of Canada, including a large number that have never been published.

Adel offers you:

  • 600 plays in digital format
  • 125 playwrights

You can view the available texts on Adel for free. If you’re interested in a specific play, all it takes is a few clicks to buy it and print it.

You’ll be given permission to reproduce the entire play after you indicate the number of copies you’ll be making.

All the copies are payable by credit card when you first print them. Copibec takes care of the billing process and pays the royalties to the creators of the plays used.

Manuscripts and published plays

You’re allowed to reproduce an entire play from the Adel inc. online bookstore as long as you pay the applicable royalties.

If you’d like to reproduce texts and manuscripts from the National Theatre School library, the Centre des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD) or the Conservatoire d’art dramatique, you need to get permission separately.

You also need permission to reproduce an entire play already published by a publishing company.

Please contact us to get permission to reproduce plays that are in manuscript form or have already been published.

Are you performing a play in public?

You’ll need to contact the Société québécoise des auteurs dramatiques (SoQAD) to get the necessary permissions to perform plays in public.