Reproduction rights agreement for elementary and high schools

Under your institution’s reproduction rights agreement, you can conveniently and legally use content protected by the Copyright Act in class or on a secure learning platform. You also have access to the SAMUEL platform free of charge.

Types of content covered by Copibec agreement

  • Books
  • Textbooks and workbooks
  • Sheet music collections
  • Magazine and newspaper articles
  • Images from books
  • Song lyrics
  • Unpublished plays


Usage limits

  • 10% (max. 25 pages) of a document designed specifically for education purposes (textbook or workbook)
  • 15% of any other document
  • 100% of a play that is unpublished or was purchased through Adel Inc.

Shared use

Eligible reproduced content can be shared as follows:

  • Photocopy
  • Display
  • Internal email
  • Secure learning platform
  • Public reading of up to 100% of the document in class or live online

Teaching personnel are only allowed to compile excerpts from documents to create a PowerPoint presentation. Service Centres and school boards can compile excerpts to create exams.

Sharing in virtual classrooms

You can share excerpts from documents in a virtual classroom in real time or prerecorded: 

  • On a secure learning platform
  • The selected platform must not include a licence to reuse stored content
  • Access must be limited to students in your class

Live reading

You can read the following via a secure learning platform:

  • 100% of a document

However, you are not allowed to record the reading in order to share it with your students later. Only live reading is authorized.

Smartboard and document camera

Your agreement allows you to display content. Certain conditions must be respected depending on whether the content was designed for education purposes and according to the tool being used. Please refer to the decision tree charts for more details.

Displaying content designed for education purposes

Displaying any other content in class

English versions of tree charts coming soon

Perceptual disabilities

For students with perceptual disabilities, you can:

  • Reproduce a document on paper in large print
  • Modify the original colours
  • Modify the original digital version of the document for annotation by the student

To order a digital document compatible with speech synthesis software, simply use our DONA service.

Downloadable documents