During the Covid-19 pandemic, Copibec adapted its service offering to the Quebec education sector in order to facilitate remote learning. Licences were adapted and now allow more latitude for the use of books, newspapers and magazines. 

As from 1 May 2020, the adaptation measures shall apply under the following conditions:

  • Quebec public and private subsidized educational institutions, from preschool to high school: June 23rd
  • Cegeps: Until the end of the winter sessions currently in progress

For cegep and university summer sessions, you must respect the usual terms and conditions of college and university licenses and declare each digital use.

These measures support the book industry by ensuring the distribution of royalties to authors and publishers.

Reminder of temporary reproduction limits

Books, newspapers and magazines

  • 35% of the document can be scanned, displayed and shared. The regular limit was 15%.

Instructional material and other types of use

The reproduction limit and conditions of use remain unchanged for materials intended for the educational sector as well as for uses not mentioned on this page. Please refer to the existing conditions:

These limits apply to documents from the Copibec's repertoire only. Consult our repertoire for more information.

REPORT the content YOU USE

To benefit from these exceptional measures, you must report your uses to Copibec. Your information will allow us to remunerate the authors and their publishers.

In these times of crisis, the book industry needs your collaboration more than ever. These royalties can make a real difference.

How to report

Avoid online reporting systems for uses under these special measures. Send us the following information at

  • Full Name 
  • Email address 
  • Educational institution where you work 
  • Information about the work: title, publisher and, ideally, ISBN
  • Number of pages used 
  • Number of students
  • Broadcast platform

Authorizations granted by a publisher

If you have obtained an authorization from a publisher with the condition to make a declaration to Copibec, follow the above instructions.

Using 100% of a document

Copibec can give you the permission to use an entire document at no charge.

You must contact us in advance to get the permission:

Include the information mentioned above as well as the reason why you wish to use the entire document.

Online material from educational publishers

Many school publishers have taken the initiative to make instructional materials and resources available for free on their websites. Do not report these uses to Copibec.


If you work in an educational institution outside Quebec or in a Quebec organization that is not an educational institution, these measures do not apply. Contact our team at to get copyright clearances.