Knowledge rules

In a knowledge-based economy, information is vital to success.

Every day, millions of Quebec workers use and exchange information with their colleagues and business partners, accessing everything from simple statistics to complicated training manuals, to journals on industrial design, to the latest consumer trends.

In Canada, all these works are protected by the Copyright Act. All enterprises must obtain the express authorization of the copyright holder to use these documents.



Avoid hassles

Do the members of your team understand all the ins-and-outs of the Copyright Act? We have more than 20 years experience in dealing with all the ins and outs of copyright law. We guide organizations and businesses through the complexities of dealing with the sharing of information and copyrighted material.

A one-stop service

Copibec is the go-to reference when it comes to copyright issues. We offer users of copyright-protected works a one-stop service that’s easy to use and tailored to their needs. Instead of having to knock on several doors, users can deal with one party, which greatly simplifies the process, while ensuring that royalties are paid and legal permissions are obtained.

Whether through annual or pay-per-use licences, Copibec provides customized solutions to meet your needs.

Solutions adapted to your needs

Timely responses

Get the rights to the articles or excerpts from books that you need at the moment you need them. Fees are calculated based on usage and billed immediately.

Annual coverage

Copibec offers a reproduction licence to large enterprises, SMEs, public, private or governmental organization, and freelancers who work in Quebec. This licence covers the majority of uses of documents created by members of the organization.

The benefits of Copibec

Keep the information that’s critical to the growth and prosperity of your organization circulating. You will also have immediate access to a group of highly experienced experts in everything related to copyright. A licence from Copibec also supports the growth of knowledge and R&D that’s critical to every business.

Access to a global network

With a Copibec licence, you can access documents from around the world and share them with your colleagues, partners and clients, all at a very reasonable cost.

Thanks to our participation in the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO), Copibec has privileged access to several copyright organizations all around the world.
Under the agreements signed with these parties, Copibec manages the rights to works from an international repertoire, in addition to the rights of Quebec publications. Users with whom agreements have been made thus have the possibility to reproduce and distribute millions of books, magazines and journals.

For more info

Would you like more details about the advantages of working with us, about our copyright solutions and the uses covered by our licence? Contact us! A member of our team will be pleased to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you. For more information on our services, download our brochure in PDF format.

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