Copy and share content

Using, sharing by email, posting on an intranet, photocopying and distributing content or documents in the course of your business activities are all actions subject to copyright. Even if it is a short excerpt or a brief quote!

In Canadian law, there is no specific provision on citation. It is in fact the notion of significant borrowing from the work, which is assessed not only in terms of quantity, but also, and above all, in terms of quality. That is, the importance of what is taken from the text.

It is therefore up to the right-holder or his representative to decide whether the requested borrowing is one that relates to an important element of quality of the text.

Examples of protected actions

Here are some examples of actions protected by the Copyright Act:

  • Inserting extracts from an article on the corporate website or on a private intranet
  • Integrating an excerpt or a quote in a new publication
  • Publishing a magazine article about the company's founders in a newsletter
  • Forwarding newspaper articles of interest to colleagues
  • Provide clients with press articles that highlight the firm's successes
  • Giving members access to specialist articles via a secure platform
  • Using excerpts from different publications in a training document
  • Showing pages from books on screen in a video
  • Attach text extracts to panels for an interpretation trail
  • Create a collection of unpublished texts and texts by well-known authors for a fundraising event
  • Displaying excerpts of texts on a vehicle that will travel the streets of the city
  • Emailing excerpts from music books
  • Give rehearsal copies to actors in my amateur theatre group
  • Distribute an article on sleep disorders to parents at my daycare
  • Emailing a monthly press review to the board of directors of an NPO
  • Sharing excerpts from workbooks in a language class
  • Include tables (graphs) from books or periodicals in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Adding photographs and illustrations to a newsletter
  • Reading an entire work in public


Our solutions are geared to your needs!

Limited needs

Get permission to use the articles or book excerpts you want, exactly when you need them. If you reproduce or share excerpts from copyright-protected content on a one-time basis, this is the solution for you. The cost is calculated according to the type of use and is billed immediately.

Ongoing needs

If your public or private organization is looking for a convenient way to manage copyright, cut the administrative costs associated with multiple permission requests and avoid legal risks, Copibec offers an annual reproduction rights licence that’s an effective solution.

The licence terms and conditions (reproduction limits, duration, cost, covered uses, reproduction formats, repertoire, etc.) are customized to meet your needs.