Integration into other documents

Are you working on a publication, movie or public event? Do you want to include an article or excerpt from a previously published novel? You have to respect the Copyright Act and get permission!

Add excerpts from an essay to an association’s website

Use excerpts from previously published children’s books in a new textbook

Show the pages from various books on screen in a documentary film

Put up signs explaining the local fauna on a nature trail

Include a magazine article about the company’s founder in a corporate newsletter

Create a compilation of original works and texts from known authors to raise funds

Display excerpts from documents on a vehicle driving around town during an event

You need permission for all these types of use. The following will be confirmed when you’re given permission:

  • Identification of selected content or excerpt
  • Number of copies allowed
  • Reproduction format (paper or digital)
  • Duration and purpose of use
  • Royalties payable