Data collection and copyright reporting

If your educational institution has been selected to collect data, you’re required to report all the copyrighted content that you photocopy, scan or display onscreen during the school year.

By taking part in the data collection process, you make it possible for Copibec to pay authors and publishers the royalties owed to them for the use of their works. That income enables them to continue telling the stories of tomorrow.

How reporting works

All teaching personnel and specialists (librarians, resource teachers, psychologists, etc.) have to create a personal account and report their content use for 3 periods during the school year. The reporting deadlines are as follows:

  • November 30 (for content used between July 1 and November 30)
  • March 31 (for content used between December 1 and March 31)
  • June 30 (for content used between April 1 and June 30)

Please view our tutorials on how to create an account and report your content use.

What to report

Be sure to report any content from the Copibec repertoire that you have photocopied, scanned or displayed onscreen, including all content use falling within the limits of the agreement between Copibec and the education sector. See our decision tree for guidance on what to report.

If you’d like to use an excerpt that exceeds the specified limits, you’ll need to get permission first.

What if you haven’t used any content that needs to be reported? In that case, you’ll still need to log in to confirm that fact.


Each educational institution must designate someone to act as the Copibec account administrator.

That person will be responsible for the following:

  • Check that all personnel have created their personal accounts
  • Make sure all personnel are taking part in the data collection process and meeting the deadlines
  • Monitor progress and check the reporting status
  • Approve or decline content use that exceeds the limits, together with the applicable fees

Information sessions

Information sessions about the reproduction rights agreement can be organized by Copibec for administrators or all your institution’s personnel. Contact us if you’d like to set up a meeting with a member of our team.