Data collection: Here’s how you can make a difference!

Data collection for the 2019-2020 school year has been stopped due to the exceptional circumstances related to the pandemic. Special measures have been put in place for this period.

Copibec isn’t interested in monitoring what goes on in your classroom or keeping an eye on how teachers work. That’s fake news! What’s true is that you’re the ones who have the data we need in order to pay royalties to authors and publishers. That’s why we sometimes ask you for your input even though we know you’re busy.

By reporting what you reproduce, you’re making it possible for authors to receive compensation and you’re showing that their work is appreciated. It’s a great way to convince them to continue their research, write new content or dream up original new stories. Thanks to your Copibec account, all it takes is a few clicks to report what you’ve reproduced!

Has your school been selected to collect data? Your role is essential! The authors and publishers of the content you use are counting on you!

Report your reproduction to allow the creators to write and publish the stories of tomorrow

What do you have to report?

You need to inform Copibec about all photocopied or scanned excerpts from documents that have been:

  • Uploaded to your school’s or school board’s secure network
  • Sent via internal email
  • Inserted into a PowerPoint presentation
  • Displayed on a smartboard

How can you report the content you’ve used?

All the teachers and teaching professionals in the schools selected for the data collection process have to create their own Copibec account.

You can then use that account to report what you reproduce. Simply choose the time that’s most convenient for you. With your online account, you can also access SAMUEL, our digital content platform, and check what’s in our repertoire (catalogue).

For more information, please view our video tutorials that explain how to create a user account and how to report what you reproduce. They’re available in the video section of our Educator Space.

Reporting deadlines

You’re free to choose the most convenient time to report the content you use. However, the data must be submitted to Copibec at least 3 times per year. Here are the reporting deadlines:

  • November 30 (for content used between July 1 and November 30)
  • March 31 (for content used between December 1 and March 31)
  • June 30 (for content used between April 1 and June 30)

Even if you didn’t use any copyright-protected material from the Copibec repertoire , you still need to log in to your account during the specified period to indicate that you didn’t reproduce anything.

Please note that documents downloaded from our digital content platform called SAMUEL are automatically reported to Copibec. If you used only material from SAMUEL, you therefore don’t have to log in because we already have the data!