DONA - Accessible digital documents

Our DONA service provides you with accessible digital content for students with perceptual disabilities.

The digital content is in PDF format and is compatible with reading assistive technology tools such as WordQ, Lexibar and Médialexie.

Available content

Content from the following publishers is available through our DONA service:

  • Groupe TC Média (Chenelière Éducation, Modulo, Graficor, Caractère, etc.)
  • Éditions CEC
  • Groupe Ville-Marie (De la Bagnole, Hexagone, Typo, VLB éditeur, etc.)
  • Joey Cornu
  • Septentrion
  • Pierre Tisseyre
  • Éditions du Phoenix

To obtain accessible digital content from a publisher not appearing on this list, please submit your request directly to that publisher.


DONA can be used by any student who has an analysis and action plan developed after they were diagnosed with a perceptual disability (sensory, physical or neurological).

You can submit a request if you are:

  • An educational institution
  • A student
  • A parent



A flat service charge of $6 is applied for each document, regardless of the number of copies provided. Additional fees may be payable depending on the type of document and the educational level.

The following fees apply for digital content compatible with reading assistive technology tools:

  • Exercise book: Only the $6 flat service charge is applied.
  • Textbook or novel: Price of the paper-format version multiplied by the number of copies.

To obtain the digital version of a book, you must have already purchased a paper-format copy of it.

The price for textbooks in PDF format is the same as the paper-format version. The “one copy, one student” ratio remains in effect because the copies obtained can be reused the following year by other students with perceptual disabilities.

If the student already has a paper-format version of the document, the amount charged is 50% of the price of the commercially available paper-format version, up to a maximum of $50. That amount is payable for each digital-format copy requested.

If the student does not have a paper-format version of the document and does not need one, the price is the same as the commercially available paper-format version.

The $6 flat service charge still applies for each document requested, regardless of the number of copies.