DONA – Accessible digital documents

DONA offers accessible digital content that can be purchased for students with perceptual disabilities (sensory, physical or neurological).

With its catalogue of Quebec novels, textbooks and workbooks compatible with reading assistive technology tools, DONA is a Quebec-based site dedicated exclusively to providing accessible digital material.

Who can use DONA?

DONA can be used by any student who has an analysis and action plan developed after they were diagnosed with a perceptual disability (sensory, physical or neurological).

Accessible digital content can be purchased through DONA by:

  • Students
  • Educational institutions
  • Parents

Education accessible to everyone

A significant share of Quebec students have a perceptual disability. For those individuals, it’s a major challenge to gain access to the same material that their classmates are using. DONA facilitates inclusion for students with specific learning needs by giving them access to the same books as the rest of the class.

The Copyright Actcontains an exception that allows content to be digitized for individuals with a perceptual disability if that content is not commercially available. But scanning takes time and can be problematic. 

DONA addresses the same need as that legislative exception by providing access to thousands of accessible digital documents. All it takes is a few clicks.