Special Conditions for “learning and evaluation situations” in Quebec classes

Under the Copyright Act, copyright protected works can now be copied in order to create tests or exams (“evaluation situations”). However, this does not apply to “learning situations”, which means that users still have to request permission from Copibec for that purpose.

It should be noted that teaching personnel and professionals who copy the “learning situations” and “evaluation situations” developed by the Ministère, Société GRICS or the Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privés should complete the copy log that comes with the document and submit it to Copibec by fax (514-288-1669) or email. A copy log also comes with certain exams developed by the Ministère to report a declaration of use to Copibec.

By taking that simple step, you will make a difference by ensuring that rightsholders receive income for the use of their work.