How to report your classroom uses


Be sure to report any content from the Copibec repertoire that you have photocopied, scanned or displayed onscreen, including all content use falling within the limits of the agreement between Copibec and the education sector. 

If you’d like to use an excerpt that exceeds the specified limits, you’ll need to get permission first.

What if you haven’t used any content that needs to be reported? In that case, you’ll still need to log in to confirm that fact.

What the agreement allows

Follow this link to learn about the terms of the agreement: MEQ — Copibec agreement

You will find:

  • the types of documents covered
  • the conditions to be respected
  • the limits of use
  • the permitted modes of sharing


Declare your uses on Savia

You will first need to log in to your account, here:

Go to the Copy Log Entry Statement page, which is located on the left side of your screen.

Complete the steps to identify the user and the works used.


Tutorials for the online declaration (French only)