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Newsletter - January 18, 2021
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2021 is finally here!

What’s coming in 2021 + help pay royalties to authors and publishers.

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Executive Director's update

Happy New Year everyone!

The Copibec team is enthusiastic about getting back to work this month. We’re certainly hopeful 2021 will be easier for creators and the entire cultural sector.

Overview of the coming months

As we mentioned in December, there’s no shortage of projects for 2021! Among other initiatives, our team will be busy launching the DONA platform and developing the Copibec Hub in the months ahead.

We’ll also be negotiating with the representatives for college and university institutions to renew their agreements.

Your copyright collective remains very involved in defending the rights of authors and their publishers in connection with the lawsuit pitting Access Copyright against York University. In addition, we’ll stay on top of any developments when it comes to the Copyright Act’s review.

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Frédérique Couette
Executive Director

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Pseudonyms: What you need to know

The use of pseudonyms or pen names is very common in the book industry. Authors can use as many different names as they want during their lifetimes.

Are you thinking about publishing under (...)

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Top 5 – Copyright basics

It came as a surprise in 2020 but people were more interested in copyright than ever. Being stuck at home seems to have fostered creativity for much of the population, while Quebec’s teaching (...)

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What is the public domain?

On January 1 every year, a legal transformation occurs in all the countries that have signed the Berne Convention. At (...)

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