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Newsletter - February 11, 2021
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Major changes in Canada's copyright scene

Copibec is ready to work with the new minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

 Our most recent news

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Executive director's update

A major change occurred on the Canadian copyright scene in late January. Quebec MP François-Philippe Champagne was appointed Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry and will now be in charge of the Copyright Act review.

Copibec is looking forward to working with the new minister to ensure that the Copyright Act provides suitable protection for authors and their publishing houses.

Streamlined content management for businesses

The Copibec Hub project is making good progress. Powered by blockchain technology, this project aims to streamline content management for businesses, both big and small, while helping them comply with copyright.

An advisory committee has been set up to develop a marketing strategy targeting businesses. The committee members are:

- Christian Liboiron, Director – Businesses and Governments, Copibec
- Arezki Raab, Business Development, Copibec
- Simon-Pierre Marion, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Scenarex
- Charlaine Bouchard, Chairholder, Chaire de recherche sur les contrats intelligents et la chaîne de blocs (research chair on smart contracts and blockchain), Université Laval
- Bianca Drapeau, Director of Operations, 42 Québec, which offers in-house technology training

New director

We recently welcomed Pascale Gauvreau as our new Education Director. With her experience in the performing arts and cultural sector, Pascale is a valuable asset for our team and will put her knowledge to good use for us. Welcome!

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Frédérique Couette
Executive Director

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Copyright news from Canada and beyond

Blank front pages on Canadian newspapers

A blank page: that’s what could happen to print media if publishers aren’t paid when Facebook and Google use their content. On February 4, various Canadian newspapers left their front pages completely blank to send a message to the federal government.

Read the article from Le Journal de Montréal.

Google bares its teeth to Australian media

Reacting to the Australian government’s plans to make GAFAM pay when they display content from news publishers, Google threatened to block access to its search engine in Australia. According to the managing director of Google Australia and New Zealand, the proposed model would be unworkable, creating operational burdens and financial risks for the web giants.

Read the article from CBC.

Since this article was written, Facebook has been the one to carry out these threats. Media publications have been deleted from the news feeds.

Federal cabinet reshuffle

Quebec MP François-Philippe Champagne has been appointed Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. What will be his priority? Health and the economy. We hope the review of the Copyright Act will be included in his recovery plan.

Read the article from Radio-Canada.

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Our new Education Director

Copibec’s Education team has gained a new, experienced leader. The rights of authors and publishers in the education sector will be in good hands.

We’re pleased to welcome Pascale (...)

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Am I protected by copyright outside Canada?

The short answer is yes. When your content is used at the international level, it falls under the jurisdiction of the country where it’s being used. Canada’s

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