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Newsletter - March 11, 2021
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Cultural sector on the alert

Australia vs GAFAM, copyright extension, CBC vs Conservative Party.

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Executive director's update

Canadian media organizations have been holding their breath since Australia imposed a collective licensing model to pay for media content on GAFAM platforms. At the same time, the cultural sector has been awaiting a potential review of the Copyright Act to extend copyright protection from 50 to 70 years.

Copibec will of course be watching these developments very closely. In fact, we’ll soon submit a brief concerning the Act’s update.

While that’s going on, your copyright collective has been busy with its operations to ensure that authors and publishers can receive their royalties.

Visual arts

Registration is now open for the visual arts lump sum payment!

If you’re a visual artist, you could be paid royalties for your artistic works appearing in Quebec paper-format publications. Be sure to register before the cut-off date!

2nd reporting period

March 31 is the deadline for teaching personnel at the elementary and high school levels throughout Quebec to report the content that they have photocopied, scanned or displayed onscreen since December 1, 2020. It’s an important step that enables Copibec to distribute millions of dollars in royalties to authors and publishing houses.

For more information, please refer to the Data Collection page on our site.

Online tax slips

Tax season is here! Your copyright royalties count as taxable income and must be included on your tax return.

If you received $50 or more in 2020, your tax slips are available in your online account.

Were you paid less than $50? Please go to the My royalties section of your account to find out how much you should declare.

Our team

We recently welcomed two new members to our permanent staff: Morgane Chaffiraud on the Education team and Rabii Kharbouch on the Businesses and Governments team. It’s a real pleasure to have them join us!

For original content and all the latest on copyright, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re interested in practical advice about copyright in the workplace, follow us on LinkedIn.

Frédérique Couette
Executive Director

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Copyright news

Copyright's most recent news

  1. Consultation on extending copyright protection
  2. CBC vs Conservatice Party: fair dealing contested
  3. Australia vs GAFAM: a fight the whole world is watching
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Rabii, Businesses and Governments Officer

Copibec has a new permanent employee: Rabii Kharbouch has joined the Businesses and Governments team as a licensing officer.

Rabii started as an intern at Copibec in December 2019 while (...)

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Morgane, Education Assistant

Copibec recently welcomed a new member to the Education department’s permanent team: Morgane Chaffiraud.

Morgane started with Copibec as an Education Assistant on a contract basis in (...)

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