Reproduction rights licence for colleges and CEGEPs

Thousands of documents published in Quebec, Canada and 33 other countries can be used for teaching or research purposes under your college reproduction license.

Terms and conditions

Authorized uses

The college license allows, in paper or digital version:

Create coursepacks that can include short stories, poems, essays, news articles or anthology chapters.

Share excerpts from publications with your students or colleagues by email using your institution’s secure network.

Display text excerpts or images on a smartboard during classes or integrate them into a slideshow.

Give your students photocopies of excerpts from publications as references for your courses.

Usage limits

The usage limits under your college reproduction rights licence apply per semester for the same course group. The limits depend on the type of content.

Publications developed specifically for college education purposes:

  • 10% of the publication, up to a maximum of 25 pages

Any other publication in the Copibec repertoire:

  • 15% of the publication

Special authorization from Copibec is required for any use exceeding the limits of the license.

A fee is charged for any use not permitted by your establishment's reproduction license. The fee is $0.12 per page, up to a maximum of 20% of the publication, and applies only to the number of pages exceeding the reproduction license limit. For any request exceeding 20%, Copibec will forward your request to the rights holders to obtain their authorization and, if applicable, the applicable fee.

Access to SAMUEL

Your college reproduction rights licence gives you access to Copibec’s digital content platform called SAMUEL at no extra charge.

Exclusions list

If the publication appears in the exclusions list, you must obtain authorization from the rights holder.