Media monitoring

Do you make and distribute press reviews? Do you receive press reviews from a specialized media monitoring service? You have to respect the Copyright Act!

Put a weekly press review on the company’s intranet

Send a free specialized press review to association members

Redistribute a press review received from a media monitoring service

Attach a short press review when sending files to casting agencies

Send copies of media content to customers and allow them to redistribute it in-house

You need permission for all these types of use – and other uses as well – because they’re for professional purposes.

Our solutions are geared to your needs!

Limited needs

Get permission to use the articles or book excerpts you want, exactly when you need them. If you reproduce or share excerpts from copyright-protected content on a one-time basis, this is the solution for you. The cost is calculated according to the type of use and is billed immediately.

Ongoing needs

Copibec offers media monitoring firms, their customers and any other businesses, public, private or governmental organization a licence for compiling and distributing press reviews. A comprehensive licence gives you the convenience of not having to get permission each time.

Our repertoire

Paper format press reviews: The Copibec repertoire (or catalogue) includes most newspapers, magazines and periodicals published in Quebec, the rest of Canada and in about 30 other countries (United States, United Kingdom, France, etc.).

Digital format press reviews: The Copibec repertoire includes the newspapers published by Postmedia Network (such as the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen and Toronto Sun) as well as many Canadian and foreign magazines.

Please note that certain other Quebec publications are represented by other organizations for digital reproduction purposes. For La Presse, Le Devoir, Le Soleil, La Tribune, Le Quotidien and Les Affaires, contact CEDROM-SNi. For the Journal de Montréal and Journal de Québec, contact Média QMI.

Authorized use

Press reviews can be on paper or in digital format. They can be uploaded to a password-protected network and made available to a predetermined number of persons.

Press reviews can be archived for up to 30 days.

If you receive a press review from a media monitoring service, make sure the applicable royalties have been paid. Many of those firms have agreements with Copibec. You can check our licensee list to see if your media monitoring service is included.

Linking to articles may not be allowed!

Permission may be required even for a list of links leading to media articles on the sites of the various newspapers.

In general, the copyright notices on the sites of the individual newspapers and magazines explain what is or is not allowed. Many publishers do not authorize their sites to be used, their content to be reproduced or hyperlinks to be inserted for commercial purposes.

You can be confident that the licences issued by Copibec allow links to be inserted and allow users to access articles through those links.