2017 Repertoire Payment for books: $1.59 MILLION

2017 Repertoire Payment for books: $1.59 MILLION

Quebec authors and publishers have been looking forward to today. Copibec is distributing the 2017 lump sum (repertoire) payment for books. A total of 12,442 cheques amounting to $1,593,415 will be sent out!

Who’ll receive a royalty cheque?

Royalty cheques will be sent to all authors and publishers who own the reproduction rights to the books that qualify for this payment.

Over 49,000 books qualify for the payment! Each qualifying book was allocated an amount of $37.74 that is shared between the publisher and authors based on the percentages indicated by the publisher when the title was registered.

I’m an author whose book could qualify but I’m not registered with Copibec. What should I do?

If your publisher’s rights are managed by Copibec, the publisher should have registered your book in our repertoire and registered you as an author. That means we may have money for you!

To make sure you can receive your royalties, register now !

Where did the funds for this payment come from?

The amounts available for the lump sum (repertoire) payment for books originated from various sources: interest earned on royalties collected by Copibec but not yet distributed, funds paid by foreign reproduction rights organizations that did not provide bibliographic data, amounts that could not be distributed because of incomplete copy logs, and sums collected from the federal government.

Copibec’s Board of Directors, consisting of equal numbers of representatives from the author and publisher segments, determines the distribution rules for those amounts. Since repertoire payments aren’t linked to copy logs, it’s possible for you to receive royalties even if the use of your publications was not reported on copy logs. The payment is made every two years!

It’s our way of promoting cultural diversity while helping to improve socio-economic conditions for local creators!

For more information about royalty distributions, please refer to our website section Managing rights on your behalf – Royalties or get in touch with us!