DONA is your solution for accessible digital content

DONA is your solution for accessible digital content

Have you heard about DONA? It stands for DOcuments Numériques Accessibles in French and is one of the many services offered by Copibec, quickly providing you with accessible digital documents for students with special learning needs.

DONA brings together Quebec publishers, including Chenelière Éducation and CEC, who understand the growing need for material in adapted formats. That’s why those publishers offer you a version of their books in open-format PDF compatible with reading assistive technology tools such as WordQ and Lexibar.

DONA 2.0

Major changes have been made to our DONA service since August 1:

  • Publisher Les Éditions CEC has joined DONA, adding more than 200 titles to the catalogue.
  • The accessible digital versions of exercise books are now free if you’ve already purchased a paper copy. You pay only the service charges.
  • The turnaround times for receiving material are much shorter.
  • Students whose learning paths are atypical are allowed to keep the documents until they’ve completed their level.

Who’s it for?

It’s for students with perceptual disabilities (such as dyslexia or dysorthographia), visual impairments or learning disorders.

Document requests can be submitted by teachers, resource teachers, education consultants, parents and students themselves.

How does it work?

Complete the online form or email us at [email protected]. We’ll send you a form to sign and return to us. Then you’ll be sent a link so you can download the document.

How much does it cost?

You pay the price of the book plus a $6 service charge per title requested. The document cost depends on the type of content, publisher, number of copies needed and whether you previously purchased the same document in another format.

Don’t forget: if the title was published in Quebec and is not available through DONA, you can use the same form to request it. We’ll assist you in obtaining a digital copy or we’ll explain the procedure for obtaining it. If you need accessible digital content, your starting point is always Copibec!