Copibec’s transformation

Copibec’s transformation

Meet the executive team

Over the past few months, Copibec has undergone a real transformation. We have reviewed our needs, done an in-depth analysis of our job functions, redistributed tasks and assigned new positions to some team members. We have also brought new colleagues on board. It’s been a big undertaking!

These organizational changes have been motivated by the new challenges arising in conjunction with the Copyright Act reform. To deal with the heavier workloads generated by those challenges, we had to rethink our structure in line with today’s Copibec and adapt it to the evolving needs of users and copyright owners.

With our 20th anniversary, our move to new premises and our recent reorganization, 2018 has been an exciting year for Copibec. Now that 2019 is fast approaching, we’d like to give you more details about some of these adjustments by letting you get to know our new teams, starting at the executive level!

Executive Director’s Office

After joining Copibec as legal counsel, Frédérique Couette was appointed Executive Director in 2015. In addition to her long list of duties, she plays an active role in determining Copibec’s development and communication strategies and negotiating new licences or renewals with third parties.

Frédérique also handles Copibec’s relationships with foreign reproduction rights organizations and sometimes has to travel to events such as the IFRRO annual meeting or give information sessions on copyright and collective licensing.

Her duties extend into the political realm as well, especially when it comes to the parliamentary review of the Copyright Act. At this stage, she has been reaching out to the provincial and federal governments to explain the issues and concerns in the arts and culture sector. 

4 directors

After heading the Finance team for 20 years, Cécile Gascon now holds the newly created Assistant Executive Director position where she provides support to Frédérique in her duties. Cécile also oversees the development of the Businesses and Governments team and the Information Technology team.

Rose-Marie Lafrance has been with Copibec since its very beginning and was in charge of the Licensing and Development team for 20 years. She now puts that expertise to work heading the Education team. Realties have changed for the crucial education sector, especially with the growing need for content compatible with technology tools that provide reading support for students and the expanding collection of online digital content on our SAMUEL platform.

Carol Géhin joined our team last June as Finance Director, replacing Cécile. She is accredited as a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) and a CGA (Certified General Accountant). Before coming to Copibec, Carol was finance director at Collège Mont-Royal, which means that she has extensive knowledge of the education sector.

Caroline Lacroix now heads two teams that have been brought together in one unit: Communications and Rightsholder Services. She has been with Copibec for 15 years and is very familiar with how it operates, having held a number of positions including liaison officer.

In the coming weeks, we’ll tell you about the other members of these new teams. Watch for more news!