Copibec user logs: Why it’s important to report your content use

Copibec user logs: Why it’s important to report your content use

What would your classes be like without textbooks, exercise books or literature? Can you imagine your school without the content generated by creators?

The content you rely on when teaching your students has a value. And that value needs to be compensated. The two go together!

When you report your photocopies, scans and projections, you make it possible for Copibec to compensate creators and their publishers for their work. The resulting royalties can give them the resources they need so they can tell the stories of tomorrow.

In December, thanks to the content use you reported, we were able to pay out over $3 million to 1,200 authors and over 250 publishers.

Those royalties distributed every year enable authors to earn a living from their work, allowing them to buy the material that goes into their creative endeavours. For publishers, the royalties can help them discover and publish new talent.

You make a difference when you report your content use. That’s why the book industry took a stand during the Montreal book fair last fall and the Quebec City international book fair in Spring 2019.

By taking a few minutes to complete the Copibec user logs, you’re ensuring that the authors and publishers of the content you use will receive royalty payments so they can keep doing their creative work.