World Book Day: International appeal to support book publishing

World Book Day: International appeal to support book publishing

In conjunction with World Book and Copyright Day, five international associations representing the global book publishing industry asked governments around the world to adopt stimulus packages to sustain the industry so that we can all continue to celebrate books and their creators.

“In this time of social distancing, the importance of books has been re-emphasized,” said the participating associations. With shutdowns underway, many of us are turning to reading as a welcome escape or a way to better understand the world.

In its statement, the book sector also noted that entire segments of society are looking to authors and publishers to help meet their needs during the crisis.

All over the world, publishing houses and copyright collectives such as Copibec have successfully adapted their service offerings to ensure that teaching personnel and parents can continue their children’s education at home. Quebec is no exception in that respect. For as long as the crisis lasts, Copibec will make adjustments to its user licences in order to provide an income stream to creators and publishers while enabling the education sector to carry on its activities.

Public authorities are also relying on the publishing industry to navigate the pandemic’s troubled waters. Now, more than ever, scientific literature is essential in terms of giving societies guidance on public health measures and vaccine research.

Essential sector devastated

“The impact [of Covid-19] on the world’s creative industries, including the book sector, has been devastating,” said the representatives of the publishing sector. Governments must protect every segment of the book industry, from authors, illustrators and publishers to booksellers and copyright collectives. “We are working hard to come through this crisis, but we need help to survive. We need governments to help us get through it together.”

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Participating associations:

International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organization (IFRRO) (Copibec is a member)
European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF)
International Authors Forum (IAF)
International Publishers Association (IPA)
International Association of Scientific, Technical, and Medical Publishers (STM)