Copibec Hub: Major financial support fort blockchain and copyright

Copibec Hub: Major financial support fort blockchain and copyright




Montreal, August 25, 2020 – Copibec and Scenarex are pleased to announce that the highly respected National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP) has agreed to provide advisory services and a financial contribution for the R&D project to build the future Copibec Hub using Bookchain® platform technology.

With this $280,000 in conditional funding, Montreal start-up Scenarex will be able to develop a corporate content management platform powered by a unique blockchain model. The estimated cost of developing the software is $588,000.

“Thanks to this support from NRC IRAP, the Copibec Hub will be a frontrunner in the use of blockchain technology for digital content management,” noted Simon-Pierre Marion, Chief Executive Officer of Scenarex.

Through the use of blockchain and smart contracts, the Copibec Hub will optimize content management for businesses. Every time content is used or shared, it will be entered in the blockchain. Smart contracts will provide a framework for content use and sharing within the parameters of the Copibec licences.

“This project will be a big step forward for collective copyright management,” explained Christian Liboiron, Copibec’s Director, Businesses and Governments. “The Hub will dramatically reduce the content management that businesses have to do, in addition to ensuring better compensation for copyright owners.”

The Copibec Hub is expected to be launched in January 2022.

About Scenarex
Scenarex is a Montreal-based start-up founded in 2015. Using blockchain technology, its goal is to create flexible, user-friendly, non-restrictive solutions that will benefit the evolution and development of the digital publishing industry. With financial support from the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and the Canada Media Fund, Scenarex created Bookchain®, the world’s only digital publishing platform built on blockchain technology without any cryptocurrency.

About Copibec
Copibec is a non-profit social enterprise specializing in copyright management. As the representative for over 30,000 authors and 1,300 publishers, it offers convenient, customized solutions that meet the needs of users of copyright-protected content. It is the Quebec counterpart of Access Copyright (Canada except Quebec), the Copyright Clearance Center (U.S.) and the Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copie (France).


Simon-Pierre Marion
Chief Executive Officer and Founder

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Coordinator – Communications 
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