Royalty payment for artists

Royalty payment for artists

Copibec recently paid out royalties to the creators of artistic works. Over $500,000 was distributed to 1,839 visual artists whose content was reproduced in Quebec paper-format books and periodicals.

Individuals eligible for the payment were asked to provide their banking information in May and June so the royalties could be paid to them by direct deposit.

For anyone who asked to be paid by cheque, the royalty cheques are already on the way, or will be soon.

What if you missed your opportunity?

Registration ended last March 31. Artists registered with Copibec will be contacted about the next payment to be made in the winter of 2021. In the meantime, be sure to keep your contact information up to date in your Copibec account.

If you have any questions about the payment, please email us at [email protected].