New worksheets on SAMUEL

New worksheets on SAMUEL

New on the SAMUEL platform: three worksheets (in French only) for college teachers are now available!

Developed by teaching professionals, these worksheets were based on the 3 novels that are finalists for the 5th edition of the Prix des Horizons imaginaires, of which Copibec is a proud partner.

Created to support teachers in leading a student group, each one contains activities and avenues for reflection, biographical facts about the authors, a contextualization of the work, different angles of discussion and a press kit.

Find them as well as the finalists of the 2020 edition on SAMUEL, in the selection Fiches pédagogiques - prix des Horizons imaginaires. Browse and download passages from the novels Le Marabout by Amélie Paquet, Oshima by Serge Lamothe and Précis de survie hors de l'eau by Dominique Nantel.

Also, check out our Prix des Horizons imaginaires selection, which contains novels from previous editions of the award.

Prix des Horizons imaginaires

Since 2015, the Prix des Horizons imaginaires brings together college students from across Quebec and some Canadian universities around a common theme: fantasy literature. What for? To stimulate interest in reading, develop critical judgment, encourage persistence and break down isolation among young people.

The jury, composed of bookworm students, reads the three finalists' novels and decides on the winning work after discussions and academic activities supervised by teachers.

In 2019, the award was granted to Christiane Vadnais for her novel Faunes, published by Alto.