2020 education sector royalty payment

2020 education sector royalty payment

Authors and publishers are thrilled to be receiving royalty income this year. Despite the pandemic, Copibec has gone ahead with its usual education sector payment. That’s great news for the 2,101 authors and 400 publishers whose content was used. Like everyone, they’ve been hard hit by the current health crisis and certainly deserve to be paid the royalties they’ve earned.

A total of more than $8 million in royalties will be distributed to them!

What is the education sector royalty payment?

Every year, educational institutions in Quebec photocopy, scan, display and share thousands of excerpts from documents for their classes. Those uses are then reported to Copibec through various data collection processes.

Based on that data, Copibec pays out millions of dollars in royalties to the authors and publishing houses whose content has been used.

These royalty payments are made possible thanks to agreements with the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur as well as colleges and universities.

Thank you, teachers

But more than anything, these amounts can be paid out because thousands of teachers all across Quebec, from the preschool to university levels, have made the effort to take part in the reporting process. If we weren’t able to count on them to report their individual uses, this distribution of over $8 million couldn’t be done.

Our thanks go out to the teaching personnel, this year in particular. Under tough conditions while they were learning the basics of distance education, thousands of teachers took the time to make sure copyright continued to be respected in their virtual classrooms in collaboration with Copibec.

Find out more about the education sector payment

Our team is here to answer all your questions. Here’s who you should contact in each situation:

- Updating your author account: Simon Éthier, Rightsholder Services Officer (authors and freelance contributors)
- Updating your publisher account: Isabelle Billeau, Rightsholder Services Officer (publishers and visual artists)
- Changing your address or accessing your online account: Martin Saulnier, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
- Information about elementary/high school licensing: Anouk Pérusse, Education Officer
- Information about college and university licensing: Nicolas Boudreault, Education Officer