Top 5 – Copyright basics

Top 5 – Copyright basics

It came as a surprise in 2020 but people were more interested in copyright than ever. Being stuck at home seems to have fostered creativity for much of the population, while Quebec’s teaching personnel were forced to drastically change the ways they use copyrighted content.

An interesting result for us at Copibec was that our texts explaining copyright have been viewed many times in recent months!

Here are the 5 most popular articles, which you may want to catch up on!

1. What’s an ISBN?

An ISBN is an essential tool for publishing houses, booksellers and librarians. If you work in the book industry, you need to understand how this unique identifier is assigned and used. Are you considering a self-published project? Be sure to read this article before you publish!

2. Does Coca-Cola have a copyright on Santa Claus?

Some people believe that Santa Claus as we know him was created and copyrighted by Coca-Cola, which owns the copyright to the character. Look no further for the truth: Copibec has debunked this myth for you!

3. International copyright and the Berne Convention

What happens to your copyright outside Canada? How can you use content that was copyrighted outside the country? Even though every country has its own copyright rules, almost all the member countries of the United Nations have made a commitment to respect certain fundamental principles.

Here are the 4 basic principles of the Berne Convention.

4. Welcome to the public domain

On January 1 every year, tens of thousands of works from all over the world enter the public domain. At that point, they’re no longer copyrighted. Why and how does that happen? Learn more about this distinctive aspect of copyright!

5. How to use web content in class

Using texts, images and videos in the classroom while respecting copyright rules is a daily challenge for Quebec’s teaching personnel. This simple chart explains how you can use web content with your students in a copyright-compliant way.

More information about copyright

Our site offers a full range of articles explaining copyright. It’s easy to find answers to your questions!

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