Éric — Frankness, Resourcefulness and Analysis

A positive, sensitive and versatile influence, that is the strength of Éric Bolduc, our marketing agent. Ultra relational, half artist, half logistician and full-time paradoxical, Éric knows how to put his skills to work for his colleagues while attacking the status quo.

Investigating, analyzing and deconstructing: his preferred method for putting ideas to the test of absurdity.

A fan of both challenge and structure, he enjoys frank conversations. Driven by the desire to do his best, he likes to identify the needs of his team and contribute to solutions.

Working in marketing and community management, Éric orbits in environments where contact with others is central. Following a career in customer relations and sales, he is now training to become a counselling therapist.

This new field of study allows him to understand the needs of his clients and to become a better agent. His interest in individual coaching is reflected in his relationship with his colleagues, to whom he gladly offers a helping hand with LinkedIn.

Sometimes a writer, sometimes an Excel enthusiast, Éric also lends us his graphic design talent and his knowledge for document organization.

With two publications to his credit, and the production of a webzine on contemporary art, Éric is a jack-of-all-trades who knows how to deal with the new.