Catherine — Gives herself permission to dream

Catherine Forget embodies kindness, determination and community involvement.

She started out working in a French help centre and wanted to study philosophy. She completed her law degree at McGill University and passed her bar exam on the first try.

Our communications agent has always kept a foot in culture and events, including involvement in a poetry night club.

A longer term goal, a dream? It would be to combine her two passions, working at the junction of law and music.

Aware of her privilege to have studied in a prestigious school, Catherine wishes to give back. By continuing to equip herself to contribute to the world in accordance with her values of mutual aid, she would like to reduce the fragmentation of the social fabric.

Being collegial by nature, the times when she felt most fulfilled were in groups, such as theater groups, contributing to community projects.

Another example: as a summer job, Catherine was a communications agent for the Îles-de-la-Madeleine's Sandcastle Contest, a fun and unifying activity.

Her strengths: French writing (of course), attentive listening, intuition, flexibility, sensitivity and ambition.

Today, in her spare time, Catherine sings and plays the piano, the guitar... and an under-used ukulele that still decorates the interior pretty well.