Benoit — Eye of the Eagle

Insatiably curious, pragmatic and autonomous, Benoit Stefanini quickly acclimates to the environments in which he evolves.

Within a few days of joining the organization, he was busy accelerating Copibec's digital transformation by contributing to the deployment of internal software solutions, the automation of a technical support system, the implementation of a virtual office and more efficient document management platforms.

Self-taught, our information technology agent likes to learn for the sake of learning.

Passionate about new things, the latest components and cutting-edge technologies, what stimulates him is testing, pushing and surpassing himself.

Unwavering Determination

With a new toy in hands, he can stay for ten hours at a time riveted on his goal: to understand how it works. Closing himself off to all outside distractions, in tunnel vision mode, barely stopping to eat and no longer checking his emails, he disappears almost completely, fully absorbed in the task.

This ability to stay focused for long periods of time is a double-edged sword. He might invest time and energy on projects that do not come to fruition. A risk to take in order to discover innovative solutions. 

What got him so hooked on techno?

When he was a teenager, he started to take an interest in how his own computer worked, taking it apart and trying to understand the changes he could make to it. This gave him the desire to acquire the ability to say "I did it myself" as often as possible.

From Antiquity to the Future

Benoit is a history buff, especially of antiquity and medieval times. Between two computer projects, he binges on documentaries about great nations that have marked their times, and seeks to decipher the impact of past events on contemporary relations between such and such countries.

A long-term vision? Confident in his ability to manage large projects, he sees himself as an executive in a technology company, sitting at the forefront of innovation, participating in the development of the future and serving as a bridge between Canada, Europe and Silicon Valley. 

Speaking of the future, Benoit is also interested in astronomy, space travel and dreams of taking apart a spaceship, asking himself: "How exactly does this thing work?"