2021 Education Payment

What is the Education Payment?

Authors and publishers will soon be sharing several million dollars in royalties through the Education Payment.

These royalties are allocated for the reproduction and use of their works in schools.

Each year, Quebec educational institutions photocopy, scan, project and share thousands of document excerpts for their classrooms. These uses are reported to Copibec through various data collection processes.

With this information, Copibec redistributes millions of dollars in royalties to the authors and publishers whose materials were used.

These royalty payments are made possible through agreements with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education as well as with cégeps and universities.

Details of your payment

Each year, the Education Payment is distributed via cheque or direct deposit.

Access your account to see the details of your royalties

Receive your payment

An up-to-date record allows us to make proper royalty payments. 

Keep your account up to date to receive your royalties and don't forget to indicate any change of address or retrocession of rights.  


Declarations of reproduction from SAMUEL, our online content platform designed in collaboration with De Marque, are also considered in the Education Payment.

Any use made in SAMUEL by teachers from elementary/secondary schools or from cégeps generates a declaration of reproduction. This declaration is in addition to the other declarations of use transmitted by the educational institutions.

Copibec ensures that authors, artists and publishers also receive royalties for the use of works available on SAMUEL.

Sign up for direct deposit

Avoid the paperwork and receive your royalties directly into your bank account. This environmentally friendly method will save you time and energy. 

  • Access your account on the Copibec website   

  • Go to the Payment Information section    

  • Select Payments by bank deposit  

  • Complete the information 

For more information, contact us at: 

[email protected]
514-288-1664 / 1 800 717-2022