Suzanne — Beauty in numbers

Suzanne — Beauty in numbers

Our distribution officer Suzanne Trachy has been part of the Copibec team for 22 years.  

Over all that time, she’s seen almost every one of her colleagues either arrive at Copibec or leave, or both.

She embraces change and would even say that’s why she enjoys her job so much.

“Every financial file is different and every request is unique.
No two days are alike.”



Suzanne is a visual, auditive and, most importantly, sensitive person. She perceives the physical world through numbers.

For her, numbers aren’t found only in mathematics but also in the rhythm of melodies and words.

Thinking back on her studies in painting, music and financial management, she finds they’re all expressions of numbers: they allow us to measure what’s happening and they create groupings that may help us avoid getting lost in infinity.



Through the language of numbers, she tries to solve problems.  

Sometimes, the path for exiting the labyrinth comes to her during the night.  

“Chaos is calling out for organization. And even chaos can be measured.”  


A touch of humility  

In accounting and in life, when you’re out of balance, letting go can create an opportunity to find the difference.

Suzanne believes we need to be able to surrender so we can get off to a better start.


For the sake of art

Relishing her role in delivering fair compensation to authors and publishers, she considers herself fortunate to be working in the copyright field.

“It makes a lot of sense for me to be working for creators.
We need artists more than we realize.”