In the bag with Direct Deposit

In the bag with Direct Deposit

Subscribing to direct deposit: a winning solution for copyright holders.


Only advantages!

Fast: receive your royalties as soon as they are available — the deposit is made immediately into your account, without the delays of creating, printing and mailing checks, which add to the variable shipping time of the mail.

Secure: your banking information is encrypted to protect the information you enter into our computer system confidentially.

Reliable: when royalties are deposited into your account, you automatically receive an email notification to alert you of the deposit.

Convenient: you don't have to do anything, the amount is deposited without requiring any action on your part.

Environmentally friendly: this method requires far fewer material resources, such as paper, ink, and transportation, lessening our collective ecological footprint.

Modern: the check payment method is set to disappear.


How to register for direct deposit

  1. Access your account
  2. Go to the Payment Information section
  3. Select Payments by direct deposit
  4. Complete the information*:
    • Transit number
    • Institution number
    • Account number
  5. Once the information is entered, Save at the bottom of the page

*You will find this information on one of your cheques or via the website or mobile application of your banking institution


Problems logging in?

If you have forgotten your password, simply click on Forgot your password on the login page.

We encourage you to switch to direct deposit now and avoid unnecessary paperwork!