Word from the director

Word from the director

Hello everyone!

Here I go: I’m pleased to reach out to you through this short update for our monthly newsletter.

What if the update to the Copyright Act was coming soon? After more than a decade of waiting, and now that the new government in Ottawa has been in office for over 100 days, what if the unexpected and highly anticipated announcement was actually made?

In the short term? Not likely. Medium term? Probably. Long term with a coalition government? Disheartening.

The writing, publishing and visual arts sectors have paid a steep price for the Act’s amendments in 2012 and have clearly demonstrated that the time has come to make the necessary legislative changes.

It’s important for these sectors to mobilize in favour of an update to the Copyright Act.

Every action counts.

I’m therefore encouraging each of you to sign this petition asking the federal government to quickly modernize the Copyright Act.

Thank you in advance

— Christian Laforce, Executive Director