Education Payment 2022

A large number of rightsholders will soon be receiving royalties as part of the 2022 education sector payment.


Our largest annual payment

The education sector payment is the largest amount that Copibec distributes to creators each year.

This year, for instance, over $8.7 million will be paid out to the relevant copyright owners.

Authors and publishers whose works have been used in the education sector — covering all levels from elementary to university — are eligible for royalties under the agreements between Copibec and the Quebec ministries of education and higher education as well as the colleges and universities themselves.


Make sure we can pay all your royalties

When user accounts are up to date, we’re able to distribute royalties more fairly. In other words, you’ll be able to earn more from your literary productions.

Keep your account up to date to receive your royalties and don’t forget to indicate any change of address or any rights reverted to the author.

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How the payment is made

The education sector payment is made by cheque or direct deposit.

Access your account to see the details of your royalties

Opt for direct deposit

Direct deposit is the fast, safe and convenient solution to receive your copyright royalties.

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