Strategy at the forefront in 2023

Strategy at the forefront in 2023

Three Kings’ Day used to be widely celebrated in Quebec. Expanding on that royal theme, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you health, peace and royalties in 2023! 


Changes in our team

We’re pleased to welcome Marie-Claude Gendron as our new Executive Assistant. With a bachelor’s degree in visual arts and a master’s in visual and media arts, Marie-Claude has been active in the arts, culture and community sectors for many years.

Martin Saulnier is now our Research and Data Entry Assistant in the Rightsholder Services team.

Nicolas Boudreault has been appointed Coordinator for the education sector. His team includes two people you already know: Madeline Trespaillé-Guemache and Benjamin Turgeon. 


2022-2025 strategic plan

The rollout of the 2022-2025 strategic plan began last spring when personnel, board members and key partners were asked to give their input on Copibec’s orientations focusing on three major themes:

  1. Revitalize the user experience
  2. Exemplify a proactive, inspiring, inclusive and efficient organization
  3. Propel the collective licensing model

We’re very proud of our efforts during that stage, which have already enabled us to put forward various paths to guide our team as it works to develop a 2023-2024 action plan.


Upcoming revamp

After 25 years, it’s also important to update some internal processes and policies to ensure that Copibec can operate smoothly and fully execute its mission. We can look forward to various new initiatives this year. 


In closing

For 2023, let’s hope that Ministers Champagne and Rodriguez will feel inspired — and be inspiring! — and finally move ahead with a project to update the Copyright Act.

In the meantime, please take a look at our first newsletter of the year: 


We hope you’ll find it interesting!
— Christian Laforce, Executive Director