Hopeless and desperate! I can't find any other words to express my disappointment at the announcement of the last federal budget. I still dare to hope that by the fall of 2023, we will see some conclusive progress on the long-awaited reform of the Copyright Act, before it is too late for certain actors in the field, as well as for creators.

We will continue our representations in the context of the 2022-2025 action plan, which is the result of our strategic plan, adopted last December. This action plan is ambitious — 3 axes, 9 sub-axes and nearly 40 actions — realistic and above all in line with our mission. As you read it (in French), you will understand that Copibec is seeking to improve several of its competencies.

To support us in this endeavour, we have hired a lawyer, Maryse Beaulieu, to the position of legal affairs and public affairs advisor. She is responsible for agreements and relations with our various partners, including other organisations like ours. Maryse Beaulieu has worked in the publishing and visual arts sectors for many years and is committed to the rights of creators, while remaining sensitive to the needs of users. We welcome her to the team!

We are continuing our tour of major education conferences, with Madeline and Nicolas currentyl at AQUOPS in Quebec City, and soon at the Digital Education Summit on May 4 and 5 in Montreal.

And here’s what you’ll find in the April issue of our newsletter: 


Enjoy your reading and Happy Easter!

— Christian Laforce, Executive Director