Copibec at AQUOPS

Copibec at AQUOPS

As confirmed by the organizers, over 1,100 people attended the 41st conference of the Association Québécoise des Utilisateurs d’Outils technologiques à des fins Pédagogiques et Sociales (AQUOPS) under the theme “Learning together in the digital era.” The conference brought together mainly teachers from Quebec elementary and secondary schools as well as adult education centres.

Attendees had access to a full schedule of training workshops and presentations focusing on digital tools such as the platforms offered by publishers.

The vast majority of attendees were already familiar with Copibec. It was an opportunity for us to explain our mission, which is to collect royalties when copyrighted content is reproduced and then redistribute them to creators in the book industry.

It was the first time we’ve used our new freestanding banner to attract attention so we can tell visitors about our platforms! Our goal was to help them learn more about (or discover) DONA and SAMUEL.



DONA is our platform offering accessible digital documents for students with perceptual disabilities. The documents are compatible with reading assistive technology tools.



Teaching personnel can turn to SAMUEL when they want to download a broad range of content for in-class use. The platform offers books, of course, but also includes song lyrics, illustrations and more.


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