The 4 Gs

The 4 Gs

What's been in the news and on everyone's lips these past few weeks? The war between Israel and Gaza and the public service strike (Grève) in Quebec. In both cases, let's hope for negotiations to restore order and peace for all. So much for the first 2 Gs.

The 3rd G is for the federal government, which is still waiting to reform the Copyright Act. More than ten years since the legislative changes, 2 years and more since the YORK decision and more than 1 year since the announcement of fair compensation in the 2022 budget. Perhaps he has a surprise in store for us in 2024 to elegantly mark the 100th anniversary of the Act's coming into force?

Now for the 4th G, Good news! Copibec will be hosting the next IFRRO symposium from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3, 2024. I know this news has less impact than the upcoming Education Payment distribution for rightsholders. There is still time for the latter to sign up for direct deposit  to reduce delays and administrative costs.

In the November issue of the newsletter :  

Happy reading!

— Christian Laforce, Executive Director