Thank you from the creators

Thank you from the creators

Each year, Copibec selects Quebec educational institutions to list the books from which excerpts are used in class.

This sampling helps us to redistribute the sums collected to copyright holders, who are the creators in the book industry.

Testimonials from creators

As Luc, Sandra, Samuel and Élise can attest, declarations of use of works by school staff make a concrete contribution to improving conditions for local authors:

"Thanks to Copibec, my texts are a great success in schools. I'm the first to be surprised. It's had a very dynamic effect on my career, leaving me more time to write and distribute my work.

A connection is created between me and the school world, a flow of ideas, expectations and needs that stimulate my imagination and give life to stories and plays that touch the hearts of young people. For a playwright, the ultimate satisfaction comes from knowing that his characters and plots will be embodied in the students' learning processes, through readings, practices and performances.

Knowing that the first pieces of fiction we write are forever part of our lives, I feel privileged. Copibec allows literature from our part of the country to take root in a collective imagination in the making, which is a guarantee of its longevity."

—  Luc Boulanger, author


"Yes, COPIBEC makes a difference in the lives of authors. When you consider that most of us don't even earn $5,000 a year in royalties for our books, this extra income is often a blessing just before Christmas. It's like a pat on the back, encouraging us to keep going and, above all, motivating us to write quality texts that teachers will want to use in the classroom.

I would like to thank these teachers for taking the time to declare their use of our books, despite their already full workloads. These few minutes spent filling in a form are your way of contributing to the pursuit of our dream, which is, perhaps one day, to be able to make a living from our passion."

— Sandra Dussault, autrice

"When a book is used in the classroom, it's a privilege granted to its creator, because the teacher or specialist considers his or her work useful and inspiring for teaching. When this manifests itself in monetary recognition, it's a considerable motivation for the author or illustrator."

—      Samuel Parent, SAMPAR, author - illustrator


"Thank you to everyone who has shared the content of my books with young people.
It makes me very happy to know that my work is useful to you and provides you with tools to educate and teach, and it encourages me to write even more!"

—      Élise Gravel, author - illustrator

Timetable for your declarations

For the selected schools for data collection, teachers and specialists (librarians, orthopedagogues, psychologists, etc.) declare their use 3 times during the school year:

  • November 30 - Uses made between July 1 and November 30
  • March 31 - Uses between December 1 and March 31
  • June 30 - Usage between April 1 and June 30

For more information: Collecte de données annuelle