Message from the General Manager | Earworms as leitmotif

Message from the General Manager | Earworms as leitmotif

Last week, when I read the news of singer Emmanuelle's death, I realized that one of her songs, Et c'est pas fini, had been a earworms leitmotif for ages. And it's not just that song, it's also Bon Jovi's Keep the Faith. It's the kind of tunes that give me a boost and encourage me not to get discouraged, while at the same time lifting my team's spirits.

I won't hide the fact that they've been playing over and over in my head for some time now. And more specifically, during a very brief meeting held as part of our representations concerning the reform of the Copyright Act. The entire Canadian book community was present on screen, but the knowledge and expertise on our file were absent. But when the music's good...

So Keep the Faith, because the federal budget won't be tabled until April 16. And while we're on the subject, let's all join in the chorus: Et c’est pas fini... 

You have to admit, it feels good. Happy spring! 

— Christian Laforce, general manager

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