Paris / A Lost Bet

Paris / A Lost Bet

There were many positive reactions to Quebec’s presence as guest of honor at the last Festival du livre de Paris. Given the quality and quantity of the authors and publishers – I was running out of eyes and ears. What’s more, the space reserved for Quebec offered a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

To the organization of the Québec Édition team – bravo! There were many exchanges between delegates, a large number of visitors at the conferences, not to mention the much-appreciated summer weather for the duration of the event. It’s all true, I can tell you. For my first participation in this festival, I was delighted to take part and to speak at a talk organized by the CFC in the company of ANEL.

However, my happiness was short-lived, as a little over 24 hours after getting off the plane, I landed with the presentation of the latest federal budget, where my hopes were dashed for good. I had hoped that the government would commit to reforming the Copyright Act. I’ll spare you the first words I uttered, because the written word remains…

My thoughts resounded to the sound of the pinball machines flippers, but without a big batch of answers. The whole book community had been hard at work over the last few months, and it felt like this could be the one. As a sign of fate, I had even met the Quebec lieutenant of the Liberal party the night I left for Paris.
Still, I lost my bet.  

Nothing to celebrate a 100th anniversary of copyright law!

– Christian Laforce, General Manager