Pay-per-use licences for colleges and CEGEPs

For any type of use that isn’t covered by your college’s comprehensive reproduction rights licence, you need to get permission before using the content. Copibec can give you permission by issuing a pay-per-use licence (also known as a transactional licence or specific authorization).

When do you need permission?

You need permission to use content whenever:

Permission for use must be obtained before you use the content.

Fees apply for any use not allowed under your college’s comprehensive reproduction rights licence. The cost is $0,12 per page, up to a maximum of 20% of the publication, and is applied only to the number of pages exceeding the comprehensive licence’s limits. If you’d like to reproduce more than 20%, Copibec will contact the copyright owners to ask for permission and the applicable rates.

If the content appears on the Exclusions List, you’ll need to get permission directly from the copyright owner, publisher or author.