Get online access to thousands of documents

SAMUEL (Simplified Access for MUltidisciplinary Education and Learning) is a convenient Copibec site that gives you access to over 30 000 documents in digital format for educational use.

Wide variety of content

SAMUEL brings together many different types of content, including:

  • Children’s and youth literature
  • Arts and culture magazines
  • Scientific works
  • Plays
  • Novels and essays
  • Song lyrics
  • Sheet music
  • Press photos
  • Illustrations
  • Artistic works

It’s easy to take advantage of all these resources :

  • Browse through the catalogue
  • Sign in to SAMUEL
  • Review the content
  • Select an excerpt
  • Download the PDF

Your licence gives you free access to SAMUEL

SAMUEL is designed for teachers, professors and teaching professionals such as resource teachers, education consultants and school librarians.

You can access SAMUEL free of charge if your school, college or CEGEP already has a Copibec reproduction rights agreement for copyright-protected content. Under the agreement between Copibec and your institution or the Quebec education ministry, there’s no extra cost for using the available content.

The use of SAMUEL content is subject to the site’s terms and your licence’s reproduction limits.

To access SAMUEL, you need a user account.

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