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SAMUEL is designed for the education sector

For many years, Copibec has been providing the education sector with licences that determine how content is used in class, while ensuring that authors, artists and publishers earn royalties for that use.

Educators’ expectations have changed now that the digital era is here and content is widely available online. Along with the option of getting copyright permissions, users want direct, legal access to content. SAMUEL meets that need by offering educational institutions a databank of quality titles published mainly in Quebec. Royalties are paid to the authors, artists and publishers whose content is used.

Thanks to the SAMUEL digital platform, you can make your scanned or digitized content available in PDF format so it can be used by teachers according to the limits and terms of their institutional licences from Copibec. For books, magazines and newspapers that can only be used as excerpts, SAMUEL indicates the number of pages that can be used when the educator makes a selection.

Publishers also have the option of uploading individual articles that can be used in their entirety. Artistic works, press photographs, song lyrics and certain musical scores can also be used in their entirety by educators in accordance with Copibec agreements.

SAMUEL allows legal, paid use of your content

Any content in SAMUEL used by an educator automatically generates a copy log entry that’s added to the other uses reported by educational institutions. Copibec is therefore able to make sure authors, artists and publishers are paid royalties for any content used in the SAMUEL title database.

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