Sectors of activity

Copibec's licences and special authorisations are aimed at all sectors of activity. 


Professional organisations — public and private

Copibec deals with a wide range of clients. We meet the needs of public and private sector organisations and companies:

  • Ministries and government agencies
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Commercial and industrial companies
  • Health network (hospitals, CLSC, CIUSSS and CRDI)
  • Banks, portfolio management, insurance
  • Professional associations
  • Communications and public relations
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Religious organisations (dioceses, parishes and congregations)
  • Self-employed workers


Libraries and documentation centres

We work closely with public libraries and documentation centres throughout Quebec.

Copibec is proud to support their important cultural and social mission.

For details on this sector: Libraries and documentation centres


Cultural sector - theatre and performing arts

We also serve the cultural sector, particularly the theatre and performing arts. We meet the needs of production managers, directors, workshop leaders, secretary-treasurers, school group leaders, camp leaders and more.

Copibec handles requests for the reproduction of an entire play or excerpts of a work, whether published or not.

For details on this sector: Theatre and Performing Arts