Our team of copyright and collective rights management specialists is at your service!

Executive Director’s Office and Legal Services

Frédérique Couette 
Executive Director

Annie Massicotte 
Legal Counsel

Licensing and Business Development

Our team of specialists meets your needs for sharing and using content!

Rose-Marie Lafrance
Director, Licensing and Business Development

Simon Éthier 
Licensing and User Services Officer (public sector, healthcare, business, theatre)

Nicolas Boudreault
Licensing and User Services Officer (college and university)

Roseline Hébert  
Licensing and User Services Officer (non-profit sector, libraries, non-subsidized private education, searches and copyright permissions)

Camille Tougas 
Licensing and User Services Officer (preschool, elementary and high school)

Patrick Painchaud  
Business Development

Jean-Philippe Bergeron 
Reporting and Licensing Officer

Communications and Rightsholder Services

Our team of collective rights management specialists keeps you informed and defends your interests!

Caroline Lacroix
Coordinator, Communications and Rightsholder Services

Isabelle Billeau
Communications and Rightsholder Services Officer (publishers and visual artists)

Kevin Charron
Communications and Rightsholder Services Officer (authors and freelance contributors to magazines and newspapers)

Anouk Pérusse
Communications and Licensing Services Officer

Eve St-Aubin
Receptionist/Communications and Rightsholder Services Assistant

Finance and Administration

Our team of specialists has expertise in managing your royalties!

Cécile Gascon 
Director, Finance and Administration Services

Nicole Blanchet 

Suzanne Trachy 
Distribution Officer

Jean-Wesly Prédestin 
Junior Accountant, Billing/Collection

Information technology

Cherifa Mesbah
IT Analyst-Advisor