Our team of copyright and collective rights management specialists 

Executive Director’s Office

Christian Laforce
Executive Director

Arezki Raab
Assistant General Manager

Maryse Beaulieu
Advisor — Legal and Public Affairs

Marie-Claude Gendron
Executive Assistant


Nicolas Boudreault
Coordinator — Education

Benjamin Turgeon
Education Officer (preschool, elementary and high school)

Madeline Trespaillé-Guemache
Education Officer (preschool, elementary and high school)

Rightsholder Services

Camille Tougas
Rightsholder Services Coordinator

Isabelle Billeau
Rightsholder Services Officer (publishers and visual artists)

Simon Éthier
Rightsholder Services Officer (authors and freelancers)

Jean-Philippe Bergeron
Reporting Officer

Martin Saulnier
Research and Data Entry Attendant

Businesses and governments

Rabii Kharbouch
Businesses and Governments Officer

Cloée Tessier
Customer Service and Licences Officer 


Éric Bolduc
Content Marketing Officer

Information technology

Benoit Stefanini
Information Technology Officer


Jean-Wesly Prédestin
Junior Accountant, Billing/Collection

Suzanne Trachy
Distribution Officer