Videos to help you

View our video tutorials to find out how to create an account and report your copies in Savia (Copibec’s online rights management system). There are also videos that explain copyright in general and tell you about SAMUEL, our digital content platform!

SAMUEL is Copibec’s digital content platform!

Discover SAMUEL which stands for Simplified Access for MUltidisciplinary Education and Learning. It’s our digital content platform containing thousands of works such as novels, comic albums, magazines, sheet music, song lyrics and even photos and illustrations. You can download all that content if you’re a teacher at the elementary or high school level or you’re a college or CEGEP professor.

Are you an elementary or high school teacher? Here’s how to report your copies

All it takes is a few clicks to report any copyright-protected content that you’ve reproduced. Simply use Savia, Copibec’s online rights management system!

Create your account quickly and easily

Savia is Copibec’s online rights management system. You can create your account in just a few clicks! Once you have a Savia account, you can easily report any copyright-protected content that you’ve reproduced and get access to SAMUEL where you can download excerpts from thousands of works.