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Newsletter - May 14, 2020
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Copibec continuing its operations

Ongoing crisis for arts and culture sector as Quebec starts to emerge from lockdown.

 Our most recent news

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Executive Director's update

What a strange spring we’re having this year! While Quebec prepares to gradually end the shutdown outside Greater Montreal, Copibec is continuing to operate remotely for the time being. Our team will be working from home until at least May 31.

Nevertheless, all our services have been maintained. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

New DONA platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has not prevented Copibec from pursuing its mission. Earlier this month, we announced that we had optimized our DONA service by developing a digital platform to download books compatible with reading assistive technology tools.

This new platform will provide greater access to instructional content for students with perceptual disabilities. It’s a great way to upgrade our DONA service, which has been available since 2010. The launch date is scheduled for 2021.

Data collection/reporting

Given the exceptional circumstances surrounding the pandemic, data collection/reporting for the end of the 2019-2020 school year will be optional for the participating educational institutions. Information about the special measures in effect during this period, together with other temporary adjustments to our licences, is available on our website.

Of course, we encourage teachers to report the content they have reproduced, scanned or displayed, if they are able to do so. Any content you report makes it possible for Copibec to pay authors and publishers the royalties owed to them for the use of their works. More than ever, the people working in the arts and culture sector need your support so they can continue to create content and tell the stories of tomorrow.

Upcoming payment

Working from home comes with its share of challenges, which include distributing royalty payments. Many visual artists are waiting to be paid the royalties for their content reproduced in paper-format books, magazines, newspapers or exhibition catalogues in Quebec.

We’re continuing our development efforts to roll out royalty payments via direct deposit. In the weeks ahead, the individuals and publishers eligible for an upcoming payment will be asked to add their banking information to their online account. Visual artists will be included in that group. Watch for the e-mail that will be sent.

The situation is evolving rapidly and could change at any time. To stay up to date on what your copyright collective is doing, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Frédérique Couette
Executive Director

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Copyright news from Canada and beyond

WIPO sounds alarm on copyright

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has voiced concern about the already fragile cultural industries and warned that it is important to preserve them. The global pandemic is reconfirming the fundamental role played by cultural content in the population’s mental health and is highlighting the very real danger of widespread free access.

Read the article from Le Soleil.

Contemporary art museum supports Quebec artists

To encourage Quebec artists, who have been especially hard hit by the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis, Montreal’s Musée d’art contemporain (MAC) will buy only local works this year. Their $300,000 acquisition budget will be invested in Quebec talent.

Read the article from Radio-Canada.

Decision in the Access Copyright v. York University case

The Federal Court of Appeal has released its decision in the legal action between Access Copyright and York University. The Court ruled that the university’s copying policy does not qualify as fair dealing. That’s great news for copyright owners. However, the Copyright Board’s tariffs were not deemed mandatory. Access Copyright, which represents Canadian authors and publishers outside Quebec, is disappointed with this decision.

Read the announcement from Access Copyright.

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