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Newsletter - September 17, 2020
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New school year and multiple projects

Payments via direct deposit, new faces and Hub development.

 Our most recent news

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Executive Director's update

The summer vacations are over and the Copibec team is gradually making its way back into the office while following public health guidelines. Most of our work is still being done remotely to protect our team members and their families. Of course, we’re available to answer your questions. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Visual arts payment

As the summer came to a close, we made our (highly anticipated) payment to visual artists. It was a lengthy project that ended when we implemented royalty payments via direct deposit. Despite having taken longer than expected, the rollout of this new system will make future payments easier, whether there’s a pandemic or not!

Copibec Hub

We recently announced that we’ve obtained financial support and advice under the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program to develop a hub. The Copibec Hub, built using blockchain technology, will enable Quebec businesses to manage content more effectively.

New faces

There have been some changes in our personnel. The Businesses and Governments team bid farewell to officers Roseline Hébert and Mélissa Nilsson and welcomed Éric Bolduc as Content Marketer.

Our Education team now has a new assistant to handle DONA service requests for digital content for students with special learning needs. Her name is Mylène Boutin-Jacob and she’ll be with us until mid-December.

We’re also very pleased to have Rabii Kharbouch back with us. After working at Copibec last winter, he’s back for 6 months to lend a land to the various teams as a multi-skilled administrative support and customer service assistant.

Lastly, our accountant Nicole Blanchet has retired after 15 years of service. We’d like to wish her health and happiness in her new endeavours.

Even with the pandemic as a backdrop, your copyright collective has numerous projects underway. We’re starting the new season with an optimistic outlook and we’re ready to take on new challenges. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

To those of you who work in an educational institution as well as those who don’t, we’re wishing everyone a great school year and a colourful fall season.

Frédérique Couette
Executive Director

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Copyright news from Canada and beyond

Another successful “Buy a Quebec Book” day

The pandemic didn’t stop booklovers from taking part in the 7th edition of the event called Le 12 août, j’achète un livre québécois. On August 12 this year, booksellers reported a 500% spike in sales compared to last year!

Read the article from Radio-Canada.

Facebook making threats against Australian media

In response to draft legislation brought forward by the Australian government requiring Web giants to compensate news media when sharing their content, the company headed by Mark Zuckerberg has threatened to stop sharing content from Australian media on Facebook and Instagram.

Read the article from CBC.

Broadcasting Act review to be launched by year end

Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault has promised legislation by the end of the year to tighten the rules for foreign platforms and support Canadian content. The legislation should be based on the recommendations in the Time to Act report on Canada’s communications future, which was prepared by a committee of experts and released in January 2020. A review of the Broadcasting Act had been announced in March 2017.

Read the article from Le Devoir.

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Do I have a copyright on my schoolwork?

The answer is yes! According to the Copyright Act, schoolwork is considered original content. That means it’s protected by copyright. You and your classmates own the copyright on the (...)

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Royalty payment for artists

Copibec recently paid out royalties to the creators of artistic works. Over $500,000 was distributed to 1,839 visual artists whose content was reproduced in Quebec paper-format books and (...)

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Copibec Hub: Major financial support fort blockchain and copyright




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